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I’m very proud and happy to write that I now got my very own website!

Therefore this blog site,, is put to its final rest and the whole blog is moved to where I aim to create an even more attractive Photography Blog, both in looks and in content.

For you who already subscribe to my Photography Blog, or if you wish to start, update your subscription to the new site via RSS here, so you don’t miss out on any news, images of events, sneak previews of new work, behind-the-scenes footage, more personal shots from trips and moments in live, and other fun stuff.

Feel free to leave a comment over at the new website or drop me an email at if you have anything you’d like to say about the site, blog, or something else you would like to share.

Love from Jenny



Here are a few behind-the-scenes images from the making of The Reflection of Autumn that you also can find on my Flickr.

October 30th… a cool autumn breeze rattles leaves fallen to the ground. The world is a mixture of red and yellow. A forest pool of water is quietly hiding secrets of the summer past. Sunken down into the cold depths. There are two persons on the bank of the pool, a boy and a girl. They look from the mystified water at each other and a question is lingering in the air.

Would anyone freely wade out to that log on that pool bottom, barefooted, bare legs against the icy water?

The answer to the question… is yes! Just bite the bullet and get in 🙂

The first attempt of trying to raise myself up on to the log from the water was in vain. The feet got sucked down into the bottom. So up I went up on solid ground again and approached the log from above. Playing leapfrog. The idea of getting on to the moist log without getting the dress and myself all dirty just had to be forgotten.

After a rather nice and actually not so cold shoot on the log, it was time to go in again. At least I got to play around a bit in the water, trying to splash Andreas who was assisting on land…

And I promise you, it was rather nice to get dressed again. And it took some time before I could feel my feet again. I hope you enjoy the final result of this shoot 🙂 [LINK]


When I first bought my DSLR (and we solemnly named it Cameron…) I was intrigued by what I could create with it. And I was amazed of what a difference the change from compact did to my photos. Out of curiousity I visited the Flickr Explore page that I’d heard would be a great source for looking at what others create with their cameras. It took me about 10 minutes of browsing, and then I stumbled upon it. There was this girl, looking at me through my screen, and she was within another world. There was so much about this image that caught me, the illusionary setting, the well balanced mood, the creative playfullness, that all got me to continue looking through that photostream. What I had found was my first inspirational photographer. Her name is Rosie Hardy.

As I begun to develop my knowledge within the art form and started up projects to move forward, I discovered many talented photographers out there that impressed and inspired. But I tended to always find my way back to Rosie’s work, noticing that it always gave me a huge boost of inspiration. Watching her improve with every piece she created was fascinating and pushed me to try to improve myself.

And then, last summer, a wonderful opportunity appeared. Rosie put up workshops in London 🙂 How could I miss this chance to meet one of my fav photographers in person, and to get some inside tips on how she manages to create her own unique little worlds? Of course, I couldn’t 🙂

The day started with meeting up with Rosie at the cosy studio rented for us. Sitting down on a cool loft, with a variety of sofas and armchairs, all workshopers introduced themselves to get to know each other better.

Rosie continued to tell a bit more about herself, giving us some insights into what has pushed her and what she had done to continue growing as a photographer. Showing us her portfolio Rosie gave us tips and tricks on how she had been performing the shots and described her photography techniques while also answering a huge amount of questions being thrown her way 🙂

After a great talk we went down in the studio to get into action. We were lucky to have the wonderful model Nhuc Tran for the day. Dressed in a marvelous sequin dress, we had no idea what kind of a messy state we soon would be putting her in 🙂 Rosie started off by going through how she would perform the shot she had in mind.

Rosie discussed with Nhuc how she wanted her to pose to get the shot and also, and very importantly in this case, how to throw the flour around 😉

Thereafter it was the workshopers turn. At a personal 1 on 1 time with Rosie everybody got their turns to create their own shot in mind with Nhuc. She and Rosie really worked hard with the flour, throwing it absolutely everywhere to create in a lot of the cases a very fairytale feeling of smoke and mystic.

I must say… I’m truly impressed with what an intensity and acceptance Nhuc covered herself and everything around her in flour. And oh my, what a mess we created!

After the big flour fight we got another chance to create a completely different kind of shot with Nhuc posing on a sofa, keeping her feet on a huge cupcake. Although, there were of course no huge cupcake, but instead we used a bin to be in the place of the cupcake, later on shooting a naturally sized cupcake, and then later on in post-processing integrating the cupcake into the place of the bin. Clever!

After the shoots we had a post-processing session, viewing Rosie’s workflow on her computer via a projector while she described what she did, and why she did it. Thereafter, we all went to the local pub, had well deserved drinks, and finished off a wonderful day with lots of laughs, great business tips from Rosie, and also some heartfelt moments with stories from both Rosie’s life and our own.

I flew back home to Sweden the day after the workshop, completely filled with new ideas, wonderful memories, new acquaintances, and most importantly of all, a big bucket of inspiration. And if there was something I’d learned at the workshop, it was that to get the perfect shot, sometimes you just will have to really throw yourself into it….

For more shots and Rosie’s description of the day visit her blog 🙂

This is my image from my session with Nhuc. I wanted to create a dramatic image, contrasting with the beauty of the dress and to go in the opposite direction than the fairytale effect of the flour/smoke. The rest of the interpretation, is up to you guys.


View it on Flickr

I had my doubts before doing this shot. First of all it’s been the coldest start of a winter I’ve experienced since I moved to Gothenburg/Göteborg. With weeks of
-10°C (already in November) I lay in my bed at night thinking about maaaybe putting on a summer’s dress and make good use of that cool tree a few blocks away… but then again… naaaah… let’s do that when the weather gets warmer… AND when there is a greater amount of snow. AND when both those things happen on a weekend so that I’m off work and can actually perform the shot in daylight. Yeah, right, like that combo was gonna happen any time soon.

This weekend, it did.

-1°C and two days of snowing. Off I went! Can’t let myself down now can I. This time I had my beloved Andreas with me as an assistant. Like he said: “How could I ever miss an opportunity like this, to watch you walk around barefooted in snow with a dress on in December, and with a chance that someone will see you!?” Aaaww he is nothing but helpful 😉

So trudging through knee high snow to get to the tree, setting up the equipment and trying not to get the tripod to fall over and drown my camera in wet snow, waiting for some curious people to walk away (no way I’m starting with them there), taking off my warm comfy clothes behind the tree hoping no new people would come by, climbing the tree in a pink and really short dress and big fluffy winter boots, placing my behind on a big snow covered branch and ooooooh my little hiney that was cold!!!!!! Quickly pulling off the fluffy boots and placing them behind the trunk, posing crazily to quickly get a behind-the-scenes-photo and then WHAM. Seriousness. Pose. Pose. Pose. Move flowers around. Pose. Pose. Flip the hair around. Pose. No, not like that, stretch the toes. Pose. Pose. Tilt head the other way. Pose. Done. Quickly pulling on boots again and crazy out of happiness getting stuck on another behind-the-scenes-shot. Jumping down from tree and get dressed quicker than Superman. And then I get the good news that another couple had very intensely been studying us from the road….

Ah, well *shrug*. That’s another day in the life of a “52 weeks” photographer 🙂


And so it was time once more. Getting a year older. Some people say they no longer care for birthdays since they are now “so oooold”. Now THAT does not apply to me!! Well.. maybe the “so old” part, but certainly not the caring part 🙂 I just love birthdays! And my own is not exception. I’m told that I start talking about my birthday about a month in advance, not letting anybody miss that it’s coming up and behaving like a ten year old. Maybe I do, and I’m enjoying every little moment of it *giggle*. There is a Swedish saying, approximately like “You have as fun as you turn it in to”, and it sure applies in this case.

So last weekend Andreas and I threw a party and thank you so much guys for coming and making it a fabulous time! It was a mixture of my and Andreas’s friends and you are all so adorable, kind, and fun! And on Sunday, “the big day”, I spent my birthday with an american brunch at Egg & Milk, a long autumn walk in the beaming sun and crisp fall air, and enjoying a gorgeous dinner, all in the company of my beloved Andreas. It was a beautiful day to remember, even when I turn 85 😉

As a celebration I created my latest Flickr self portrait, which appropriatly is called In da club and you can find it here. And I think you understand why 🙂 Creating it I certainly got my groove on, putting on some awesome music and shakin’ ma booty until I was scared the neighbours were gonna knock on my door.

And after all that fun I had to be a bit more serious and place out the rest of the disco balls (unfortunately I only had one that I had to turn into several) that were going to be in the main image. It didn’t take that long actually. The long part was the post processing. But I just thought about the birthday and I did it with a happy face 🙂

To end this post I just would like to say A very happy birthday to the people out there having their birthdays today! I hope you all will have a wonderful time.

PS. I got a new brain with a memory from Andreas as a birthday present, and some power to go with it.

Really, I did!

He had stuffed a plastic brain with a 16 GB memory card and a new battery for my camera 🙂



Sometimes you find the most remarkable creations out in the wild. And sometimes they look like something you’ve only seen in the movies.

One summer’s day not that long ago I took my usual walk around my neighbourhood. When passing by a group of trees that I’ve always admired the branches of, being a bit unusual hanging down like vines, I all of a sudden decided to take a look if I could use them in any of my shots. And as I walked through them like passing green curtains, this remarkable tree appeared. With a huge trunk and gnarled branches it reminded me of a tree from a fantasy movie, and when I saw that it had a strange part of the stem stretching out like a long funnel I knew I was hooked. I got a flash from a scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when the Whomping Willow tries to drag Harry and friends down under it, and decided that I had to surrender to the force of nature. The tree funnel just had to suck me in.

Although it was interestingly big for being a tree funnel, it didn’t really seem big enough for me to really fit in it. And also, I must admit that the content of the hole didn’t look inviting. At all. So after measuring it in my head and balancing pros and cons, I decided NOT to get my bare legs all muddy, scratched and yucky. And not to mention getting in contact with the rich habitat of insects living in there. With that decision I also had appointed myself to several hours more behind the computer for post-processing. But that would be worth it.

The first time I was there I was wearing a white dress. I knew it was going to get really dirty taking the shot, but I decided I didn’t care. Crawling around the stem trying to find the right pose, it sure did. I took some shots (or a lot) with my remote and headed back home.

Going through the shots later on I wasn’t happy with the light, it was far too bright in spots, creating blown out areas on my arms and hands. Meaning that I had to walk there again a few days later to redo the whole thing.

Then it took me quite some time cutting myself out correctly in Photoshop. Then I just moved the cutout into the right position, decreased the size of myself a bit to make it look more realistic and so that I didn’t look like a giant placed in front of the hole, and melted the images together.

And voilá!
Nature won 🙂

Update November 6th 2010: The processing of this image is also covered within the You ask, I tell category. Go have a look 🙂

The Force of Nature

…will give you pressure wounds in both hands, a scratch on your cheek from your left pinky nail, furiously sore triceps, a few grazes all over, two blisters on your feet, one broken nail, did I mention the aching lats?


Also, combine it with an attic with a temperature comparable to a sauna, and you will have an outfit that are completely soaked and a body in desperate need of a shower. Still, it’s recommended to everyone! Free exercise and loads of fun at the same time. The poses you have to do is just like yoga. Even though you reeeeally aren’t climbing a real wall, you still have to act like you are, with all the angles and the correct gravity position. And after 2 hours of push ups and crouching in a really tight cornered area to get the proper shot, you will be a bit shaky 🙂 But, it’s worth it. I mean, who doesn’t want a shot of themself as Spiderman (or Spiderwoman in my case 🙂 )? Throw in a cool burglar mask and a black tricot suit and you have a set!

Check out my photostream on Flickr for the result 🙂

The only thing that really scared me was that any of the neighbours in my building was going to walk in on me since I was climbing around like that in our common drying room for clothes…

Here’s a Behind the Scenes shot of me sneaking around, on the “floor” this time. I hope my neighbour’s underwear are nowhere to be seen…


Greetings, and welcome to my very first Behind the Scenes. When I started out with photography I remember that I sat in awe of how all these wonderful creators managed to form the gorgeous parallel worlds, showing fantasy landscapes and creatures from my wildest dreams. As I developed my photography skills my interest for photo manipulation grew along with it. And of course I had to give it a go. If I am to give an advice to anyone, it would be “just try it”. Like everything else Practice Makes Perfect, and although I’m far from perfect I keep on learning with every project I take on. And I would like to share with you some parts of my process.

My first example is my Broken Wings
The image derives from a summer’s day when I was taking a walk and my eyes got caught on these semi-decomposed bird wings among the leaves on the ground. And my instinct was of course that I had to wear them! Even though they would only fit a person 40 cm tall…

But since I’m a very stubborn girl I resisted the terrible stench reeking out from them, poked sticks under the “armpits” of the post-bird, and walked around the forest to find a good location. Luckily it didn’t take long before I ran into this tree stump. The stump was big enough to fit me in it and also it provided a good spot for a levitation trick. Even though the wings were broken I had to at least try to fly with them.

So I needed three shots to be able to create a girl with wings trying to fly from a tree stump. First up, the girl. I put my camera on my tripod, climbed the stump and flung around it like a maniac in different positions, shooting myself using my Canon RC-1 wireless remote control. Climbed back down, ran to the camera to check on the poses and angles, and ran back to the stump to create better ones. This kept on until I felt like I had been through a tough yoga session and I had a shot I was happy with.

Main image girl on tree stump - Part of Broken Wings

Then I needed to lift my legs off the stump to create a levitation look. So back up on the stump I let myself into the same position as in the shot I had chosen, held my body up with my arms and released the legs.

Girl legs on tree stump - Part of Broken Wings

The wings were a lot trickier. Still having the wings on sticks, I first tried to get the correct perspective by putting the wings in the proper place behind the stump with the aim to increase their size later on.

Attempt for bird wings

Although I was neither happy with the details nor the light I got out of it, so instead I tried to lift them in front of the camera in something I guessed was the right angle. Let’s just say I took a lot of pictures.

Bird wings - Part of Broken Wings

Let me make a note that all this was going on with people walking by… looking like they were going to call the police for them to come get that crazy bird woman running around in the woods with wings, looking like she would need a strait-jacket…

Later in Photoshop I combined the two images of the girl in the forest by using the first shot as a main layer, masking over “the wrong legs” and letting through the levitated legs from underneath with some modifications. After that I cut out one wing at a time, pasted them on the forest image, corrected their positions and angles and let the arms and body of the girl in front of the wings. Some tone and color adjustments and VOILÀ!

A lot of work, full of aches, and marked as a crazy bird woman, but at least I got to wear a dead bird’s wings…

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